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Tips to pass CIA, CMA or CPA Exams

Tips to pass CIA, CMA or CPA Exams

The recommended study approach is.

1. Read a particular topic from study book.

2. Solve the test bank questions of that particular topic.

3. While solving test bank questions, any questions which you mark wrong in first place needs highlighting or marking from you for review at a later stage. Highlight also those questions which you have attempted correct but have a doubt that if you encounter the same question again you might probably select the wrong answer choice.

4. Dedicate a particular day in a week to revise only the already learned topics. Re-attempt only those questions which you have highlighted only. This technique will save lot of your time and you will be better utilizing your resources.

5. Jump to the next section or sub-section after you have attempted at least 80 percent of the questions of that particular section or sub-section.

6. Leave everything a day before exam. Just relax, enjoy and take deep sleep. It is a professional paper and you have done enough preparation. Trust in your Creator and have confidence in your abilities. You have that potential to conquer the Universe and it is only a exam.

Best of Luck and do notify me of your successful result.


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